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"DeathMatch", a Poem by T.S.

I sit at my chair and breathe.
I've been preparing for this for awhile.
It still make me nervous after all this time.
I want to make sure that when it's over

I'm the last one standing.

I talk to a few friends while I wait.
I try to calm down, but
my hands are sweating. Why?
I feel like a idiot. I've done this before.

I just don't want to lose it now.

I run the pre-match checks.
Everything is in order.
I enter the world of the match,
and I literally stop breathing.

I have to keep breathing, and blinking.

Not only is this a match between myself
And whomever else shows up,
It's a match to prove I'm still as good
as I used to be. As I was yesterday.

One more fight to be the leader.

My friends will be watching me.
They'll sit and laugh and cry with me.
But until they step inside, they'll never know.
Just how much tension this brings.

Strain to the breaking point.

I used to hear of pushing the envelope.
I thought I knew what it was.
I thought I was on the edge.
I was wrong. I found out here.

Walk the edge or fall.

I talk to my opponent before Hell breaks loose.
He wishes me luck. I do the same.
It's courtesy. Common ritual.
We both want to win, but we are gracious.

Because after it starts, no mercy.

I take a second before the match starts.
I grin at my teammates.
These lovely people who won't let me fall alone.
Total strangers to me.

Because we all want to win...here we go!

Run forward spin turn shoot dodge up the tunnel
race backwards shoot shoot Shoot! Yes got Him!
Keep moving can't stand still moving target
have to run have to make it!

War is hell? I'll never know. Worse than this? No thanks.

Fall down the pit land hear bones break
keep moving no time to stop look for magic
medicine look for miracles look for ammo most of all
because if I have it they don't...ha!

The team moves as one. Perfect symmetry.

Into the enemy base into the heart
of the beast killing everyone I see not like me
or colored like me there's the flag grab it Run!
Quick back to base make it...yes! WE WIN!

Kingfisher flashing above the lake. Life and beauty in the midst of death.

We laugh, and relax, and talk with each other.
Even our opponents are happy. They proved
they're no easy meat.
Everyone's happy, and we start it up again.

Why? I don't know. Probably because.... it's fun?