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24 Mar 2008 - Zeet Finds a Hideout!

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New installment of Gamed-Based Fiction…
Zeet Finds a Hideout!
Written by Rogue

(Automatic shut-down of Darwin Prototype 7 has begun, release all commands, and restart level)

"Not this time! I have you in my sights!"
"Damn just one minute more and I will have him!"
"Wait! Wait!"
Just one… more…. BAM BAM BAM BA BAMMMM!
"That should do it"

Standing on the ridge overlooking Darwin Prototype 7, Spade breathed heavily as the pieces of Zeet dropped from the sky. As ZWarrior went for the translator, Spade got a couple of shots off and Fragged ZWarrior as he pressed the relocate button.

"You can run but you can't hide, Z, Heh Heh, Guess ya didn't play your cards right Zeet… That'll Learn YA!"

Spade looked down at his map list and saw that they were heading for Manst Canyon. He looked around and waited for the relo to begin. He saw off in the distance the blast markings of this map's battle. He stretched and said: "Good Map"


Running for cover, Rogue headed for the nearest building. Crouching down near a window he saw Zeet heading for the highest place he could find. Spade came up behind Rogue and together they made their way down the corridor of the hall, and out into the back area of the map to formulate a plan. Spade had the idea that they stay together and head to the right of the building to give them an advantage of team coverage. Rogue agreed and they headed off to meet Zeet and ZWarrior. They both noted that up to this point, ZWarrior had not been seen yet.

Pushing onward Rogue and Spade came upon the other side of the map. "Red is an appropriate color for these guys don't ya think?" Rogue said looking around…

"Actually Yellow is a bet…" THWAK. Spade's head went instantly in a vertical direction; the rest of his body slumped to the ground, bent and fell forward.

"SPADE!" Rogue yelled as he swung around and saw the one they were looking for:
He had banked on Spade and Rogue being together and guess on which direction they would head. Z chose the opposite and came up behind them. Rogue turned, prepped, and blasted his trusty Flak Cannon in Z's direction, but he was too fast for Rogue to get a good Gib. Frags were all Rogue was able to get off. ZWarrior headed down the back way behind a bunker where he picked up health and scrambled out into the open for a moment.

That moment was all Spade needed to set up Z's death. While in hot persuit, Rogue was pecking away at ZWarrior's health, forcing him into the open to gather more. In that moment, Spade prepped his plasma rifle and proceeded to blast away at ZWarrior. As ZWarrior realized he was in trouble he switched to his translator and fired at the roof, and tried to relocate there, but to no avail. In the instant that Z took to switch to his translator, Spade prepped his Sniper rifle, and proceeded to cake Z's head with lead. "HEADSHOT!" Was heard over the arena loudspeakers as Spade dearly paid back ZWarrior for the sleazy maneuver of coming up behind him.

As ZWarrior re-spawned, his anger flared at his partner Zeet who, up till this time, had not been heard from. So for a moment, his partner would become the hunted while Z found out what he was up to.

As ZWarrior headed up to the top of the mountain, he wondered what Zeet could be doing… "Man, all he had to do was get to the top of this and find a spot to hide and pick off Jeff and Ken! I can't believe he would still be trying to get to a position!" Approaching the top of the mountain ZWarrior began to smell something. It was… The smell of TACO DIP! TACO DIP!?!?!

"That Newbee Camping LAMER is actually eating on the job!!!" ZWarrior crested the top of the hill, only to see Zeet there with cheese crusting his face and chugging Mt. Dew. He was not even aware of the horror that Z had just went through meeting up with Spade and Rogue. A terror in and of itself if you're alone!

"For the love of Mike! What in God's name are you doing?!"

"SUP Z!" Said Zeet wiping cheese from his mouth with the back of his arm. Ruth's recipe ROCKS!"


Smoke rose from the end of ZWarrior's Flack Cannon. Shards of Zeet lay all over the ground. Zeet had no clue that the Admin had turned off all safeties.

"That will be about enough of that! Man, I gotta get me a new partner"