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24 Mar 2008 - Training Manual by Rogue

-----Original Message-----
From X-5150 weapons training class: July 16th, 2000 Course: Basic Unreal.

Copied from hand-written notes by Rogue. Prince of Gibb.

1. line-of-sight is a misnomer. Unleashing hell onto someone can be achieved with RPG-type gunning, laid out into a spread. This is essential for mass-killing. Also is effective for hitting high end enemies like Spade. When the enemy is basically unseen, this weapon is effective. Proximity is the only requirement.

2. Pea-shooter-type weapons are still effective on certain Lamers like Vector and Yoda-mon. Note how, in this captured video, vector seems to wander aimlessly around looking for a victim that will stand still long enough for him to get a shot off. he has the appearance of being "Motion-sick". But alas to no avail he is picked off by a basic shooter. So... the basic pea-shooter is very effective on LLAMAS like Vector and Yoda-mon. Beware though, enemies like Vector will go out and purchase high-end machines to slow opponents down so that he can have an advantage. Also he is known to avoid the fight altogether, and slit off to go play other less strenuous games like STAR CRAFT!!!!

3. Note the new addition to simple firing of weapons, like the shot gun. It is effective on Lamers like Wolverine. Note how he uses simple movements like jump and crouch to avoid contact. Simply aim and fire. You'll hit him every time. NUFF SAID!

4. Worth mentioning is the trip bomb, affectionately known as the ZWarrior-Bomb. Given to ZWarrior because of his now famous: jump-turn-run into the bomb maneuver. This was made famous in the spring of 2000 as he perfected the jump into the trip bomb maneuver. It really is a spectacle to behold! note here too that proximity is a requirement for destruction effectiveness. And in this case (The case of the ZWarrior bomb) is not really a problem.

Then there is the famous Big Tony gun. Of all of the fighter weapons, this should be taken the most seriously:
BT weapons, as they are known now, are frequently used in sniper-type situations where the opponent is "too afraid" to get out into the open and use the form of fighting now known as "Run-n-Gun". So beware of the BT weapon known as the sniper rifle. Frags and Gibbs are the norm for this weapon. BT uses it as a primary weapon!
Nuff Said