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24 Mar 2008 - Spacebar by Rogue

From Rogue:


Episode IV "Spade discovers the terror associated with reincarnation."

Once again our hero (which at this point shall remain nameless), refortifies his weapons and seeks revenge on the killer Spade for his attempt at destroying our hero with a room clearer. An ineffective move as you can see, because of the magic of "Spacebar" which Spade has not yet discovered. Probably because he hasn't read the manual yet but that's another story.

Our hero wanders the countryside searching, looking, seeking, yes hungering for one sight of the Spade-man, so that he might unleash his fury upon Spade for clearing a room. "Such a wimpy shot to clear a room..." our hero thinks, "...just the thought of his doing this and not coming at me with a real gun just flat-out pisses me off!"

And so our hero wanders.

ALAS! We find our hero in a building... and as he turns a corner, comes upon the famous Spade sitting under a tree, nude, eating figs. How could this be asks our hero,(which at this point, shall remain nameless), How could this be that this once so dangerous beast would leave himself so.... open for destruction.

"Unguard!!! You bare-assed, one-balled bastard" Cries our hero. "Now is the time of your death!"

Startled and amazed, that anyone could track him, let alone know that he had only one testicle.... Spade leaps to his feet. He begs and pleads for our hero, (Which at this point shall remain nameless), to let him go and regroup for a more suitable fight.

But our hero, (Which at this point, shall remain nameless), almost didn't get a shot off because of the smallness of Spades manhood. His laughing bringing tears to our hero's eyes, and blurring his vision. "You......." His laughing interrupts his speech....

"You should be called latrine shovel, instead of "Spade" the name would suit you better! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! BUT! Never the less, you shall die this day."

And with that, our hero lets off a shot with his plasma rifle that hurls toward the bare-assed Spade man.........