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-----Original Message-----
From: Rogue [mailto:rogue@ambushsite.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 8:36 AM
To: ZWarrior; Wolverine; Zeet/Big_Tony; Yoda_Mon; Spade; Vector

Evening fell over the hills.... the air was cool this time of night, and he welcomed it. The day was full. Not one more fight he could fit into it, he thought.

Then: lump, lump, lump. He glanced down. And saw the head of a victim rolling over to him. He looked up again staring off into the distance....

His often enemy, now partner was standing there beside him. Steaming in the now cooling evening. The splatters of blood still fresh on his flak vest, and the nick-marks of the close calls of fighting so many at once: His grin was tired, but satisfied...

It was Spade. The one man that was his equal. So often they fought in rooms and buildings taunting and killing until both men had to get new spacebars.... Oh the fun, racking up frags, kills, and gibs. But now, for a time...... Partners.
"Good Kill?" Rogue asked as he looked out over the battle field, the martyred remnants of Wolverine and Big Tony's body, lie in pieces from Rogue's anger....

"....It was ok, for now. He really didn't put up that much of a fight" Spade said wiping off his blade. It shimmered in the light of the moon.

"Who was it, so I know when I can take it easy?" Rogue asked, a slight grin fading over his blood-splattered face...

"ZWarrior.... Spade said. And not much of one at that... Some guy named Joe is entering the arena, and then we'll see"

"We'll see" said Rogue as he looked off into the distant evening, waiting for Wolverine and Bog Tony to hit the space bar and begin this all over again, but for now they were hunkered over the pop cooler eating chips trying to figure out a strategy.

Rogue and Spade...... Waited.

...and Zwarrior? Well let's just say that he met a friend in another game a game with less torture and mayhem........ A game called:


-----Original Message-----
From: ZWarrior [mailto:zwarrior@ambushsite.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 8:36 AM
To: Rogue; Wolverine; Zeet/Big_Tony; Yoda_Mon; Spade; Vector
Subject: The day isn't over yet Rogue!

***** Note: This is a LONG one! ********

As darkness settled completely on the stark landscape Rogue and Spade settled in to wait for their next round against the "helpless" victims they had faced through the day. They shared stories of the battles and the scars they had incurred, relishing each frag, each gib until late in the night.

Slowly, a shadow approached their little gathering and silently slipped up within a few feet. The silent, stealthy shadow could hear their conversations and see their breath rising in gray tendrils into the crisp, dark night. He waited for the two to finish another story...

"Yea, that was an easy kill.", Spade bragged, "I just camped near the respawn point and when ZWarrior came in, I chased him down and gibbed him! It was too easy, I had already grabbed all the inventory and weapons nearby so he had nothing to fight with. I just kept shooting at him with my rocket launcher, and eventually he blew. I must say though, he did a great job avoiding a lot of the damage. Wish I could dodge like that. Wish you could dodge like that, it would make our fights more of a challenge!"

The shadow chuckled quietly and pulled his weapon of choice, flak cannon.

"No sense making this TOO easy," he thought, looking at his sniper rifle.

The shadow raised to his feet and called out to the two hapless victims.

"Here's your first lesson in dodging boys!!"

He let loose with a barrage of flak grenades around them. Not close enough to kill, but just close enough to scare them. Then he stepped into the light and prepared for the fight of their lives.

Both men stared at each other in stark terror and utter confusion. They each dove in a different direction hoping to avoid the damage from the explosives.

The shadow man stood and leveled his FC at Rogue and pulled the trigger. Rogue felt the shards of metal rip through his body and knew that he didn't have much left to stand against this strangely familiar person. He pulled his rocket launcher and prayed for help as he popped a shot at the stranger. It went wild and he felt new lances of pain as the FC went off again. He slumped to the ground, his vision fading fast. Vaguely he remembers a saying that may have come from this man in the past... "Suck it down!" Could it be? Alas, before the answer can resolve itself, he is dead.

Spade had not been idle while this shadow of a man ripped Rogue a new one. He headed for the closest cover and prepared for the coming showdown. He watched as the stranger finished off Rogue and turned towards him. Suddenly recognition flared in his mind and he realized who this was... ZWarrior! Panic raced again through his mind as he realized that this time he was not facing an unarmed man with no resources to acquire, now he was facing a armed, and armoured man who looked as though he cared little what Spade may try.

ZWarrior turned towards the fragment of a wall that was all that was left from some long past day of battle. He had seen Spade cower behind the wall as he dispatched Rogue. That itself had been far to easy. "Probably trains against 'bots on the easy levels.", he thought to himself.

Spade prepped the ripper and bounced a few rounds ZWarrior's way. He dodged them easily. Next Spade tried the pulse gun. ZWarrior caught a few rounds in the leg, but nothing seemed to hurt him.

ZWarrior lobbed another flak grenade in Spade's direction, the smiley face leering at Spade all the way in. The explosion threw Spade out from his place of cover and into the open ground of the bombed out building's main floor.

"Time for another lesson in the art of dodging Spade."

"Not just now thanks, can I try it some other time?" Spade replied.

In response ZWarrior brought online his handgun and began firing at Spade. "I promise to start slow and give you time to catch up with the rest of the class."

Rogue respawned on the far side of the area and quickly gather all the weapons, ammo, and armour he could find, he will definitely need it this time. He knew that he was outclassed by this new player, but hoped against all hope for a VERY lucky shot. He headed in the direction of the building he and Spade had sheltered before ZWarrior appeared.

Spade checked the ammo on his chain gun, 25 rounds remaining. So far he had thrown all he had at this man and NOTHING had stopped him. He had dodged everything, resembling more of a blur than a man. He looked about for ZWarrior and couldn't find him. Had he left the fight and gone for more supplies, or was he biding his time waiting for Spade to tire?

ZWarrior stepped out from the shadows of a fallen column and called to Spade, "I see you still haven't learned anything yet, perhaps I should give you another lesson?" He raised his handgun and began firing at Spade as he ran towards him, bullet tearing through Spade with each shot.

Suddenly Spade fell to the ground and lie there. ZWarrior stepped up to him, kicked the chain gun away, and placed the handgun to Spade's head. "This is a pass/fail course Spade. You fail!"

Spade saw the blast from the gun and everything went dark. Spacebar time again.

ZWarrior regretted fragging Spade that way, he had been a good challenge for him. Too bad his partner wasn't the same. He guessed that Spade probably carried most of the weight for that team.

He noticed movement outside in the street and recognized the skill-less movements of Rogue as he TRIED to move into firing range. Slowly ZWarrior raised his sniper rifle and sighted in on Rogue. He held his breath and pulled the trigger. One round flew from the weapon with a load crack and struck Rogue in the leg, knocking him spinning into a wall nearby.

The sudden impact surprised Rogue, that had hurt! How had ZWarrior done that so quickly? I need to practice on something other that easy levels in the future, he thought to himself. He dove to cover as ZWarrior raised the weapon again.

ZWarrior watched as Rogue prepared to move again. He was obviously going to go for cover. Tiring of the fight he sites in and fires, time slow to a near standstill as he does.

THWACK! Headshot!

He relaxes as he watches Rogue slump to the ground, again. Maybe one day he might be a challenge, but only by a miracle.

"Class Dismissed." ZWarrior mutters as he wanders off to find other targets and maybe catch up with his partner and friend, Big Tony.

'nuff said!